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Prada, Fall RTW 2012

I’m totally digging the psychedelic geometric shapes and embellishments/gems from Prada this fall. Prada manages, yet again, to make women stick out like sore thumbs with bright colors and kaleidoscope prints. And I think that’s exactly what fashion should be about. I hate that I don’t see enough women wearing anything too loud or too bright. Has it become a fashion faux pas in our casual, everyday wardrobe to be a little funky and a little disheveled? I can appreciate the classics: solids, black and white, denim, white T-shirts, and so forth. But fashion isn’t fashion if we’re not experimenting and pushing past our ‘comfort zone’ limits. It’s time to think outside the box. And there’s no better season to do it than the fall. I’m tired of wearing just silk slips in the heat, I need some layering action.

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